Melodie Rainer Obituary, Death –  Because of the tragic passing of one of our Keene Elementary pupils and her mother today, all of our hearts are devastated.
A terrible car accident that occurred this afternoon on Highway 67 between Alvarado and Keene claimed the life of a young girl named Melodie Rainer, who was in the first grade. Melodie was a lovely young lady who was full of life and energy. As a community, we have taken on the responsibility of assisting the Rainer family during this trying time, and during this time of great sorrow for the family, our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Despite the fact that I have over 30 years of experience in administration, nothing can truly prepare you for the passing of a kid. In terms of procedure, our response is designed in a way that places an emphasis on providing timely help to survivors. Intellectually, the members of our staff are aware of the procedures that need to be implemented whenever a tragic event of this kind threatens our students, our staff, and our families. However, on an emotional level, we are never prepared for the passing of a small child too soon, and when this occurs, we shed tears as a society.
Students can experience a high level of anxiety and distress when they are faced with a situation that is difficult and challenging, such as the loss of a student.

The school district will offer counseling support services to all of our students, staff, and parents during this time while the school community processes this news and copes with grief. These services will be available to parents who may be struggling with ways to explain this situation to their child. During this time, the school community will continue to grieve. Tomorrow, any kids and staff members at Keene Elementary who may require support from counselors or the local clergy will find it available. Please contact us at this number if you would want to speak with a counselor: (817) 774-5323.

Regarding this occurrence, we urge parents and guardians to have conversations with their offspring at an early age. It is crucial to talk to your child about how they are thinking and feeling about the situation in order to assist them in working through their grief.