Melissa Wright Obituary, Death – Melissa Wright of Marshfield Wisconsin has died. Beloved daughter of Wendell Wright (Margaret “Peggy”) Wright and Hedwig “Heather” Jones (Brian), who later married Wendell Wright. Daughter of Wendell Wright and Margaret “Peggy” Wright. She was given the name of the woman who had given birth to her grandmother. Adored sister of Alexandria (John) Maakaron, Kristen (Jason) Simonsen, Michael (Kylie) Nussbaum and Rachel (Matt) Jospeh.

She loves her Auntie Madelyn, Olivia Maakaron, Sarah Simonsen, Andrew Wright, Austin Simonsen, and Travis Simonsen, in addition to the rest of the Simonsen family, with a love that is profound and unending. the individual who, in Jay Barker’s estimation, functions not only as his significant other but also as his companion. In addition, she is survived by a big group of relatives, which includes aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews from both sides of the family. She presided over a sizable family as the matriarch. Melissa, a young woman who was kind, thoughtful, and had a big heart, was always there for those who were in need of assistance.

Melissa was lovely on the appearance and the inside, and in addition to all of her other amazing qualities, she had an excellent eye for art. Melissa’s eye for art was one of her many wonderful talents. She was able to express herself in a number of different ways, one of which was through the use of color and makeup in her appearance. Melissa placed the same amount of importance on the time she spent with her human friends as she did the time she spent with her animal friends. Due to the fact that her immediate and extended family members had a very crucial place in her life, Melissa placed a high importance on the relationships that they shared and maintained with one another. Everyone who had the chance to spend some quality time with her and got to know her will experience a sense of bereavement upon learning of her passing.