Melanie Leary Obituary, Death – Melanie O’Leary (née Robson), a former patient at the facility who was a member of the Robson family and who passed away on November 21, 2022 at Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston, was known as Melanie O’Leary. She has been a devoted member of Dave O’Leary’s family ever since their marriage, which took place 34 years ago. A compassionate mother who centered her entire existence on the upbringing of her two children, Keith and Francis.

cherished daughter of Don Robson, who passed away before her, and Joyce Robson, who was her mother. Don and Joyce Robson were her parents. Her mother and father were named Don and Joyce Robson. loving sister of Ted Robson and his wife Deb, Lance Robson and his wife Karen, and Neil Robson, who passed away earlier this year. sister of Lance Robson and his wife Karen. She is the sister-in-law of not only Suzie, but also Sharon (Ron), Brian (Sheila), Ron, Ralph, Marie (Ernie), and Glen. In addition, she is Suzie’s sister-in-law. Suzie is also Suzie’s sister-in-law. Suzie is also Suzie. Her many nieces, nephews, and friends will grieve deeply over the loss of her influence in their lives and the absence of her presence in their lives.

A later date and time will be selected for the Memorial Service that will be held in honor of Melanie. The date and time of the service will be determined at a later time. The memorial service will be held in her honor to pay tribute to her life. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions to Matthews House Hospice in honor of the departed person will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged. The Drury Funeral Centre, which is located in Alliston, has been given the responsibility of making the necessary arrangements. This is the phone number you can use to get in touch with them: 705.435.3535.