Med Douwes Obituary, Death – His work was his vocation, and he upheld the family tradition by paying the closest attention to detail throughout the entirety of his working life. This allowed him to continue the legacy that his father had started.
He was much more than the founder of the clinic, director of the clinic, and chief administrator for everyone. He was also very much involved in other aspects of the clinic.

In addition to this, he was very involved in a variety of other aspects of the clinic. In addition to being a reputable member of our team, he also acted as a guide and a mentor for those who looked to him for advice. We were all given a place in his enormous heart, which was brimming to the gills not only with compassion and humor, but also with an undeniable joy for life itself.

Patients were always given top priority in his medical practice, and he never compromised on that stance. His unwavering commitment to the field of medicine is going to serve as an example for all of us to follow going forward, and that model is going to inspire each and every one of us in our own unique ways.

He is credited with bringing complementary oncology to a more prominent position than anyone else, and this is due to the unwavering dedication he has shown toward the field. Finding people and medical professionals who can match his level of expertise will become an increasingly difficult task. We are filled with profound sorrow at the thought of life without him and are inspired by the things he was able to achieve during his time on earth.

Because he made such an indelible mark on each of our hearts, we will never forget him and will always look back on him with fondness. His wife, Renate, their children, and the rest of the family can have peace of mind knowing that they will have our support when it comes to carrying on his legacy of human-centered, patient-oriented medicine. This support will be provided by us.