Maura White Obituary, Death – Maura White died of cancer after a year of battle. Maura was born in Salamanca, New York, on June 21, 1970, although her family soon relocated to Bellmore, also in New York. Carl White, her devoted husband, and two sisters, Patricia Morahan (Patrick) and Monica Bennett, survive her. She was Thomas Gilchrist and Rita Campbell’s youngest child. She was Thomas Gilchrist and Rita Campbell’s youngest child. She had four nieces and nephews named Thomas Brown, Joanna Brown-Russo, Jeremiah Bennett, and Elizabeth Morahan, in addition to her godson Richard Colling and her longtime partner Tina Nicolls. Tina Nicolls was another acquaintance of hers.

Maura graduated from Mephem High School in Bellmore, New York, and then went on to study History Education at SUNY Stony Brook. She returned to Hofstra University after taking a few years out to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree in Information Technology and Computer Science. She began her work with the New York Life Insurance Company, then transferred to the Long Island Lighting Company, which ultimately merged with National Grid, while completing her Master’s degree. She is no longer working. Maura achieved her retirement age at Nation Grid in 2012.

Maura and White retired and settled in Smyrna, Delaware, where they spent much of their time traveling and spending at least part of the winter in Florida. Maura’s friend knew what a beautiful person she was, how her smile and dazzling blue eyes lit up the room when she walked in, and how she was the type of person with whom everyone wanted to spend time because she was so much fun. She made a brave attempt and believed she would overcome her sickness until the day she died.

She was a pillar of strength who consistently called people out when they were wrong while also expressing sympathy and love for them. White’s undying love for her was evident from the beginning of their marriage and has only gotten stronger in the last year. White was there for her every step of the way, taking care of her and expressing his love for her in whatever manner he could, and she was grateful to have him there.