Matthew Teears Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, deputies from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office killed a man named Matthew R. Teears, who was 31 years old. The confrontation at Greenacres lasted for twelve hours before it ended with Teears’ death. Monday night, shortly after 11 o’clock, a neighbor called 911 to report hearing gunshots coming from the direction of Teears’ residence. According to the search warrant, Teears dug himself a hole within the property and then opened fire “recklessly” from there. Teears was unable to be reached by deputies while she was experiencing a crisis related to her mental health.

Teears was seen by a sheriff’s detective carrying heavy items around the residence, but the detective was unable to identify the items. According to the sheriff’s office, Teears possessed a handgun. The stalemate continued throughout the night. At 7:25 in the morning, deputies received a report of what they believe to be a fire on the second floor of Teears. A few minutes later, water began dripping from the ceiling of the second level into the garage; nevertheless, there were no flames at the time.

The sheriff’s office reported that around 9:20 a.m., Teears shot and disabled a drone that was being used by deputies. Following the deployment of chemical irritants by SWAT, the sheriff’s office claims that Teears was observed holding a pistol while also wearing a gas mask. At 10:40, a second drone was successfully shot down. At 10:50 in the morning, it became clear that there was a fire on the second floor. Before 11 o’clock in the morning, the man fired multiple shots while attempting to put out the fire.

The search warrant indicates that at least one of the fires that occurred in the home was started by a flash bomb that was launched inside the home. According to the allegations made in the warrant, Teears went into a garage that was filled with smoke and got into a 2015 Subaru Forester. Teears made a hasty retreat to the backyard in order to evade capture. SWAT killed him. According to the search warrant, he raced away while carrying a firearm. Two days prior to the neighbors making contact, a door-to-door salesman claimed to have heard gunshots coming from Teears’ residence.