Mateo Castillo Obituary, Death – The individual who was responsible for the death of a student at Valhalla High School who was 17 years old and died as a result of being stabbed is currently the focus of an active search that is being conducted by authorities. One person was killed and two others were taken to the hospital after a fight broke out during a party that was held over the weekend, according to the findings of the investigators who looked into the incident.

“Even though we are working on some connections and working on some leads, we need more,” said Sgt. Tony Molina of the Chula Vista Police Department. “We are working on some connections and working on some leads.” We are currently working on making some connections and following up on some leads.
Mateo Alexander Castillo has been identified as the person who was hurt as a result of this incident. The high school senior’s friends provided assistance as they tried to staunch the bleeding, but the emergency medical services personnel were unable to bring him back to life.

Those who are successful in naming the individual who is responsible for the homicide will each receive $1,000 in reward money. According to the police, there were approximately sixty adolescents partying at a house in Chula Vista’s Rigley Street neighborhood when the mayhem began at one in the morning on Sunday. The house was located in Chula Vista.

The investigators looking into the homicide are of the opinion that there was an additional group of partygoers present at the event who were unknown to the teenagers who were there.
The administration at Valhalla High School has issued a statement in which they express their sadness over the passing of one of their students and express their condolences to the student’s family.

One member of the victim’s family was quoted as saying, “The tragic news that a 17-year-old male Valhalla High School senior who was involved in an early Saturday morning altercation in Chula Vista had passed away as a result of his injuries broke our hearts.” [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [C An altercation occurred between the two of them in Chula Vista.

The Grossmont Union School District has issued a statement in which it says, “we would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family as they mourn this unimaginable loss.”In order to provide financial assistance to Castillo’s family during this difficult time, a GoFundMe account has been set up.