Mason Edens Obituary, Death – Mason Edens of Bentonville died on Friday. Elijah Edens and Ruby Saxon Edens, either one or both of his parents, had already passed away when he was born in Pelzer, South Carolina. He was named after Elijah Pinckney “E.P.” Edens. The man’s first name is the same as that of his father. After his departure from Fluor Daniel, he entered retirement. He was a very active member of the congregation at the Pelzer Church of God and served in a variety of roles within the congregation, including on the council, as an usher, and even behind the wheel of the church bus.

He was known for his dedication to the church and its mission. He was well-known for the devotion that he showed toward the church and the work that it did. Throughout the entirety of his life, he was an active participant in a wide variety of fraternal organizations, some of which include the Eastern Star, the Country Boys, and the Hejaz Shriners. In addition to that, he held the position of Master Mason at the Pelzer Masonic Lodge. In addition to that, he was the captain of the Country Boys for many years.

His wife, his daughters Angela Taylor and Wanda Massey, both of whom are married to John; his son Michael Edens and his wife, Janice Reece; his sister-in-law Roberta Stone; five grandchildren; ten great-grandchildren; one niece and two nephews; and his sister-in-law Roberta Stone are among the members of his family who have survived his passing. His wife passed away first, followed by him, and his daughters Angela Taylor and Wanda Massey. Both of Roberta Stone, who was his sister-in-law, is also one of the people who will miss him.
His brother Maxie L. Edens, his nephew Mickey Edens, and his great-grandson Ashton Parris all went away before he did, as did all of his other forebears. At the period in question, he was the only member of his family that was still alive.