Marvin Williams Obituary, Death –  Marvin “Bob” Williams, a World War II veteran who served onboard the USS PC565 during the invasion of Normandy in June 1944, passed away during the past weekend. Williams was a member of the US Navy and had served in the assault of Normandy. During the course of the war, Williams served his country as a member of the United States Navy. During that time, he was a part of the crew that was working on the ship. On board the ship, Mr. Williams served as a member of the crew and was responsible for carrying out the responsibilities associated with his role.

On the morning of Monday, November 21, 2018, there will be a memorial ceremony performed in honor of Mr. Williams at the St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in St. Paul. The ceremony will start at ten o’clock in the morning. The beginning of the event will take place at eleven o’clock in the morning. (when we were still inside the Chapel) Those in the Binz neighborhood looking for the church can find it at 5501 Main Street; this is also the address of the building where worship services are held. To everyone who has been impacted by his passing, including his family, friends, and the members of the American Legion Post 560 that were located on Alba Rd., please accept my most sincere condolences. I am sorry for the loss that has been suffered by each and every one of these communities.

Here are some pictures that were taken over the past few years of him being involved in the community, attending Game 1 of the 2021 Major League Baseball World Series in Houston, him on our World War II veterans trip to New Orleans visiting the National World War II museum, and a picture of him when he was 19 years old serving in the United States Navy. All of these pictures can be found below. You’ll find links to each of these images farther down the page. Simply click on the image you’re interested in seeing to bring up a larger version of it and view it in greater detail.