Martin Cox Obituary, Death – After hearing the news that a member of the family affiliated with The Real Magic Show had passed away, our hearts have been filled with sadness. Martin Cox was a fantastic performer, and whenever he arrived at one of our events, he was immediately a fan favorite among both the crowd and the other performers. This was the case regardless of which event he participated in. Not only did this hold true for the folks in the audience, but it also held true for his contemporaries.

Martin Cox was a true pioneer in the world of magic, a position that is notoriously difficult to maintain due to the harsh nature of the profession in which he worked. Martin Cox was able to do so despite these challenges. However, in truth, he was a genuine member of the Gentlemen of Magic. The actor Ray Winstone even made him a roast pork sandwich (this is a true story), but in actuality, he was one of them. In order to impersonate “The Hard Man of Magic,” he adopted a London geezer dialect and did so for a number of years. He introduced himself to the general public as “The Hard Man of Magic.” The manner in which he discussed his family, in especially his children Robert and Samantha in addition to his wife Sue, provided a wealth of evidence of the type of person he actually was to be found inside.

Being in his company was always enjoyable because he never appeared to be without a deck of cards or a few anecdotes to tell. In addition, he always seemed to have something interesting to say. He never failed to give me something to laugh about. During this difficult time, we want Martin’s family and friends to know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. Please know that they are not forgotten. Everyone reading this knows that they are in our thoughts and prayers.