Marshall Denney Obituary, Death – On Friday, we learned that a member of our family who had lately passed away had been one of the persons who had been leaving. Marshall Denney fought his illness for a significant amount of time—it lasted several months—but he was ultimately unable to triumph over it, and he passed away as a result. Marshall was the type of person that would always have a smile on his face and would do anything for anyone, including giving you the shirt right off his back. He was also the kind of person who would always be laughing. In addition to that, he was the kind of person who would always be seen with a beverage in one hand.

In addition to this, he was the type of person who was always observed to have at least one hand on a beverage of some kind. I have no doubt in my mind that you will miss him just as much as I do, and I also have no doubt that the sentiment will be fully returned by both of us. There is no question in my mind that you will miss him just as much as I do.
Because of our deep respect for our good friend Marshall, who died away not long ago, we have decided to close both dealerships at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday. This is being done to ensure that any and all staff members who have an interest in attending the visitation will be able to do so if they so desire.

If they do not wish to attend, then they will not be required to. The funeral home will act as the gathering place for the viewing and funeral services. Simply visiting to this location will get you access to the link that will take you to his service page: If you go to you will be able to get more details about the visitation and funeral services that will be held for Marshall L. Denney. I would like to ask you to remember Marshall and his family in your prayers and to keep them in your thoughts and considerations. Please pray for them and remember them when you say your prayers. I am grateful. Nick Dellen President. The Dellen Family’s Car Business That They Have Been Running For Generations