Mark Jurgens Obituary, Death -The authorities who are responsible for conducting investigations into occurrences such as these have confirmed the identification of the Kennewick man whose body was discovered on November 19 with gunshot wounds. The victim was found with his body in an abandoned building in Kennewick. The identification was made by the authorities after they found the body on November 19 and were the only ones who were able to do so.

When his body was discovered, there was a wound on the upper right side of Mark Jurgens’ that appeared to have been caused by a gunshot. This wound was found on his body. Mark Jurgens had reached the age of 67 at the time. These particulars were disclosed by the relevant authorities. The Kennewick Police Department, upon receiving a report that medical assistance was being provided at a residence on the 4100 block of West 3rd Avenue, immediately dispatched officers in the direction of the location so that they could arrive there as quickly as possible after receiving the information.

The report indicated that medical assistance was being provided at the location. On the other hand, when the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, they reported that they found Jurgens, but that he had already passed away before they could give him any medical assistance. This occurred before the officers were able to administer any treatment to him. This transpired prior to the officers being in a position to provide him with any kind of treatment.

The Kennewick Police Department is looking into the matter at the moment, and at this stage in the investigation, they are treating the incident as if it were a possible homicide. The investigation is being conducted as though it were already underway. At this point in time, the investigation is still being carried out.