Mark Gianunzio Obituary, Death – On Monday afternoon, a collision that involved two vehicles and took place in the central business district of the town of Dora resulted in the death of a local resident. The accident happened in the middle of the town. The incident was a contributing factor in the demise of the resident of the area. As stated in the accident report that was provided by the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Mark Gianunzio, 61, of Dora, was driving eastbound on Highway CC when a Dodge Ram truck that was traveling westbound and attempting to make a left turn pulled into the path of Gianunzio’s Ford Model T. The accident occurred when the Dodge Ram truck pulled into the path of Gianunzio’s vehicle.

The vehicle driven by Gianunzio was among those involved in the collision. Gianunzio was the driver of the vehicle that was involved in the collision, which was caused when a Dodge Ram truck suddenly pulled into the path of the vehicle that Gianunzio was operating. The accident caused damage to Gianunzio’s vehicle, which he was operating at the time of the collision; as a result, the vehicle was damaged. After that, Gianunzio was involved in an accident that ultimately led to his passing away.

He died as a result of the injuries he sustained. As soon as they found Gianunzio’s body at the scene of the accident, a member of the medical staff who had arrived at the scene immediately confirmed that Gianunzio had passed away. making certain that the driver of the truck, who was involved in the collision, did not suffer any injuries as a direct result of the accident that they were involved in. Trooper G has been involved in a total of 29 fatal accidents so far, which is fewer than the 33 fatal accidents that took place in 2021. In 2021, there were a total of 33 fatal accidents.