Marion Marriott Obituary, Death -Mrs. Marion Marriott, who had lived in Grassmoor, passed away at the Langdale Lodge Nursing Home in Newbold, which she had resided in for the past 95 years. The nursing home is located in Newbold. The city of Newbold is home to the nursing home and associated facilities. Marion, who was born in Grassmoor and has spent her entire life in this community, worked at Robinsons Health Care and Van Gemerens Rose Nursery up until she retired around the year 1992. Marion has spent her entire life in this community.

She has never lived anywhere else but in this community all of her life. Throughout her entire life, Marion has never lived anywhere else other than in this particular town.
Gardening was one of her most cherished activities whenever she had the time and space to do so; in addition, she devoted countless hours per week to sitting in front of the television and watching game shows.

William, who had been her husband, had already passed away before she did. She was the one who died first. She outlived him by a couple of years’ worth of time. Her sons Paul and Michael, as well as her granddaughter Elly Tavener, will be the ones to carry on the traditions that she has passed down to them after she has passed away.

The memorial service is scheduled to take place at the Chesterfield Crematorium on November 30th, 2022 at 1:30 in the afternoon. The date and time of the service are subject to change. There has been no decision made regarding the time or date of the memorial service. There is a chance that the time of the service, as well as the date on which it will take place, will be changed. The Ashgate Hospice will be the recipient of all of the memorial donations that have been made in Marion’s honor, and they will all be gratefully accepted.