Mario Powell Obituary,  Death – The names of the two members of the Jamaica Defense Force (JDF) who lost their lives as a result of injuries sustained in a collision that took place on Old Hope Road in St. Andrew have been made public. The collision was caused by a vehicle traveling in the wrong direction on the road. As a direct consequence of the incident, some members of the JDF sustained injuries that proved to be deadly. They were hurt as a direct result of the occurrence, which ultimately led to their passing because of the injuries they incurred.

It is common knowledge that Mario Powell and Nicardo Harrison have both just quit their respective places of employment. This is a truth that has been widely publicized. When the driver of a blue Toyota Yaris was driving down Old Hope Road at 3:30 in the morning, they were attempting to pass another vehicle when they suddenly lost control of their vehicle and ran into a wall. The person who was driving the automobile did not sustain any injuries. According to the reports, this appears to be the situation. It has come to light that four members of the military who were off-duty at the time of the incident were involved in it.

Both Powell and Harrison were unable to recover from the injuries they sustained and passed away shortly after arriving at the hospital where they were supposed to receive treatment for their respective diseases. The hospital was where they were supposed to receive treatment for their conditions. They were planning on being treated at the hospital when they found out about it. The other two males are currently receiving care at the hospital, with one of them having a condition that is assessed as quite critical and the other having a condition that is rated as rather critical at this time. Both of these men are in their 20s.