Marina Åman Obituary, Death – The news of Marina man’s passing, who had previously held the position of Vice President of Eurocadres, has left us in a state of complete and utter disbelief. Marina man, who had been battling illness for a very long time, lost her battle with the illness earlier this week in her home country of Sweden. Marina man passed away earlier this week in her home country of Sweden.

A long-term battle with disease has been raging for the man from Marina. Marina has emerged as a leading light in the labor movement as a direct result of the dedication, optimistic outlook, and dogged determination she has displayed throughout her life. Her work in the labor movement has taken her from a national level with Unionen to a European level with UNI Europa and Eurocadres. She currently holds positions with both organizations. Both of these organizations currently count her as a member of their ranks.

Her success can be attributed to the high as well as the low amounts of effort that she has put into her career. Since she became a member of our team in 2017, during which time she has held the role she currently has on our Executive Committee, We were overjoyed that Marina was able to take part in the election for the position of Vice President in 2021, and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate her on her success in the election. Marina will take office in 2021.

The candidate for Vice President was up for election in this race. The passing of Marina, who was renowned in the labor movement for both her compassion and her audacity, will be lamented by labor activists all across Europe. Marina was known for both her compassion and her audacity. In the context of the labor movement, she will be recognized not just for her bravery but also for the compassion she showed for her fellow workers. A member of our staff who was held in high esteem by many others passed away unexpectedly not too long ago.