Marie Weddington Obituary, Death– Unanticipated circumstances ultimately led to Marie Weddington’s passing. After being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer a few weeks earlier, she was given a prognosis that only gave her 2 years to live after hearing the news. We had a hard time comprehending how someone who was so full of life — the glue that held together my extended family — could only be with us for such a short period of time. She was the glue that held all of us together as a group.

It came as a complete shock. Devastating. On the other hand, we were prepared to organize a support group for her and advocate on her behalf. We had no notion that the prognosis of two years would turn out to be a big overestimate, nor did we know that we would lose her just two weeks after receiving the news that she had cancer.
I’m so broken. There was a severe lack of time, which prevented us from doing anything…at all. My mind is overflowing with past experiences.

Recollections of her doing hairstyles on me in her kitchen when I was a kid and the kitchen being the location where the action took place. Recollections of how she would invite anybody and everyone she knew to stay the night at her place. Recollections of how she ensured the survival of entire people by supplying nutrition.

Even though it breaks my heart for her children, who are now left to pick up the pieces of their mother’s life, I am doing everything in my power to cling to the fact that every memory is full of things that make me smile, and I am doing everything in my power to cling to that despite everything that has happened. We ask you, Lord, to give us the fortitude to go through this tremendous test that our family, the Arceneauxs, is going through so that we can move on to better things. Please say a prayer for all of us and accept our sincere gratitude for doing so.