Marian Duke Obituary, Death – Marian Ivean Duke, often known as “Dee Dee,” passed away on November 11, 2022, in the facility that was once known as Decatur County Rehabilitation. She was commonly known by her nick name of “Dee Dee.” Her ruse was well known in the neighborhood under its guise. As a result of the fact that it was also her name, Marian could be located with relative ease. The overwhelming majority of people recognized her better by her pseudonym than they did by her true name. Her nickname was much more memorable than her real name. Her moniker was much more memorable than her true name ever was.

Her loved ones and friends were with her till the very moment she died away, and during that time, they gave her compassionate care. They were with her until the very end. At the time of her demise, she had lived for 92 years, 11 months, and 15 days; her age at the time of her passing was 92 years, 11 months, and 15 days. 11 months, 15 days after her previous birthday, she was going to turn 93 years old on her subsequent birthday. At that point in time, she was going to be 93 years old.

Mrs. Duke was born in Shelby County, Alabama, but sadly, both of her parents have passed away since her birth. Mrs. Duke’s birthplace was Alabama. During their lifetime, Mrs. Duke has been forced to say goodbye to both of her parents. Both of Mrs. Duke’s parents were named Rudgil Smith, and both of their names are incorporated in Mrs. Duke’s maiden name. Mrs. Duke’s maiden name was Mary Rudgil Smith. Mrs. Duke’s married name is Duke.

The years that Mrs. Duke spent much of her childhood in the Shelby County area were crucial to her development. This had a tremendous impact on her growth throughout her life. Because of everything that happened after that time, neither of her parents is still alive to see the here and now. They both passed away as a result of the events that took place after that time. Both of them ended up passing away as a direct result of the events that transpired. This is as a direct consequence of the other occurrences that took happened after that.