┬áMariam Safinia Obituary, Death – After learning about his valiant fight against cancer that lasted for many years, we said our final goodbyes to a pillar of our Practical Philosophy community yesterday. His courageous fight lasted for many years. Mariam Safinia, who had previously served as the Head of the San Francisco Branch of the School of Practical Philosophy, is not seen or heard from in recent news reports. These reports claim that she has disappeared. It is with a heavy heart that we have to break to you the news of her departure, but we must do so anyway. In 2004, Mariam uprooted her family and moved them to a new house that was located in a region that provided improved accessibility for all of them.

This move was a life-changing experience for all of them. She had already been a part of the School of Practical Philosophy in London for a considerable amount of time and for a good number of years when she made the decision to bring the teachings to the state of California. Her decision came after she had been a part of the school for a good number of years. She did this by establishing a branch in the state, which, as a result of her leadership, passion, and direction, has thrived and grown over the course of its existence despite the fact that it has been in existence for only a short amount of time.

During this time, she has touched the hearts of a significant number of us with her love, her compassion, and especially her profound knowledge, and we are filled to the brim with gratitude for her presence in our lives because she has provided us with so many opportunities to learn from others as well as from ourselves. People who are connected in some way with the School will receive an email with information on how to participate in a Zoom meeting that will be organized to honor the significant impact she has had. The purpose of this gathering is to honor her achievements and celebrate her success.