Margo Ohanian Obituary, Death – Gevork and Manoush Tutunjian’s first child, Margo, was born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1951. Her younger sister Hasmik Yousoufian and brother Hagop Tutunjian then followed her (nee Tutunjian). Margo was a strong, tenacious young woman as she grew up, achieving academic success and earning a degree in biophysics. Margo found her true love, the talented artist and exceptional person Vartan Ohanian, in the 1960s. The couple wed in Yerevan in August 1970, and their first daughter was born the following year. Sadly, their infant passed away from a disease when he was just a few months old.

Their remarkable daughter Nvart was born in 1973, and then in 1976, Sark, her younger brother, was born. The Ohanian family of four relocated to the US in June 1980, where they met up with Margo’s parents, siblings, and Vartan’s extended family. The Ohanians relocated to a home in Whittier in 1989, where Margo transformed it into a welcoming and friendly place where nobody could leave without being fed, caressed, shown art, or given a shot. The American Dream came true for Margo and Vartan in their lives in California. Vartan was able to produce his art thanks to Margo’s dedication and commitment to her Armenian-American community, and their children were able to attend Armenian private schools and receive the education they desired thanks to their efforts.

Sark was able to pursue a legal education and obtain her law license in 2000, while Nvart was able to pursue a degree in design and a profession in it. Tom Cinquegrani, whom Nvart wed in 1997, instantly became her second son. Margo received her biggest blessing—her grandson Michael Cinquegrani—four years later. Margo was able to fully appreciate grandmothering Mikey, traveling the world with Vartan, and being there for her children in every manner after the kids had grown up. On November 14, 2022, Margo died away at the age of 71. She knew she was loved, knew she had loved, and knew she was leaving behind a wealth of precious memories that will be treasured forever.