Margaret Gandolfo Obituary, Death – Margaret A. Gandolfo, who was the mother of Carl Gandolfo, passed away on November 8, 2022. She was 73 years old at the time of her passing. The date that she left was written down. At the time of her departure, she regarded the town of Massapequa Park, which is situated inside the state of New York, as her permanent place of abode. Carl Gandolfo is in a great deal of agony, therefore informing his friends and family about the passing of his mother causes him to have a heavy and melancholy heart. He does this because he is filled with a great deal of sorrow.

The activities that will be carried out in order to get ready for the funeral are outlined in the following list, and they will all consist of the following components: The wake will be held at the north chapel of the Massapequa Funeral Home, which is located at 1050 Park Blvd in the town of Massapequa Park, New York 11762. The address of the funeral home is 1050 Park Blvd. The funeral home may be found at 1050 Park Boulevard, its address. The funeral home’s address is 1050 Park Boulevard, and you can go there to find it. Sunday 11/13/22 4pm-8pm , Monday 11/14/22 4pm-9pm.

A funeral was held at the Our Lady of Lourdes Church in the 11762 zip code of Massapequa Park, New York, at 10:45 in the morning on Tuesday, November 15. The location of the church is in Massapequa Park. The church in question may be found at 855 Carmen’s Road, in case you were wondering. In lieu of sending flowers as a gesture of sympathy, the family has requested that donations be directed to the EMS FDNY Help Fund instead. Her son, Carl Gandolfo, is currently in the process of making his way up through the ranks of this organization with the goal of eventually being the Recording Secretary. He has this goal in mind because he is currently working his way up through the ranks. If anyone is interested in assisting us in any way that they can, they can do so by sending contributions to us by clicking on this link.