Marcus Clark Obituary, Death – Marcus Clark of Jacksonville Florida has unexpectedly passed away. On November 4th, George and Erma Clark welcomed their son Marcus Elwood Clark into the world. The birth took place in a modest hospital in Gothenburg, Nebraska that was located above Potter’s Drug Store. The building that housed the hospital also housed the hospital. Following the conclusion of his education at that particular institution, he went on to complete his education at the University of Nebraska, where he received a degree in agricultural economics and international development.

Jo Ann Ahl, who would later become his first wife, was introduced to him while he was working in Seward County as a county extension agent during the time that he spent there. He went on to marry her. After completing his education, he obtained his first job in this field. Marcus managed to earn two master’s degrees despite the fact that he was also a parent to four children, which is quite an accomplishment in and of itself. After having taught at the University of the Pacific and working for the State of California, he started his career by being employed by the United States government and exporting peaches from Uruguay. His previous experience includes working for the State of California.

Following the exchange of wedding vows in 1982, Marcus and Margot Zehr were legally recognized as husband and wife. Marcus’s two absolute favorite things in the entire wide world are singing tenor in church choirs and listening to the Metropolitan Opera. Neither one of these activities would be possible without the other. Reading, riding his bike, watching “PBS News Hour,” and taking part in exciting new experiences were some of the other things besides politics that piqued his interest. The activity that Marcus enjoyed the most was sailing on his sailboat, which he had given the name “Ladd C.” after his youngest son. He was most looking forward to going sailing because it was one of his favorite activities.

Marcus was a thoughtful and generous man who let his Christian beliefs direct not only how he lived his life but also how he interacted with others. We will always remember him as a man whose faith was the compass by which he lived his life. Ladd Clark, the man who he raised as if he were his own son, passed away before he did. He is survived by his wife, Margot Franke-Clark; his children, Van Clark of Grass Valley, Brian Clark of Cathlamet, Wash., and Andrea Krause of Woodland; and his grandchildren, Jonathan and Natalie Guzman, Jessie Boom, Chantae and Scott Clark, and Robert and Jonathan Krause. He was a veteran of the United States Air Force and served in the Korean War. He had previously served in the United States Air Force during the Korean War and was a veteran of that branch of the military. On September 15th, 2018, he took his last breath and departed this world.