Marcus Allen Obituary, Death – It has been determined who the individual was that was shot by a law enforcement officer in Forest Hills, and sadly, they were unable to survive the injuries they sustained as a result of being shot.
Marcus Allen, a resident of Pittsburgh who is 38 years old, was shot on Sunday and was taken to the UPMC Mercy hospital for treatment after he was taken there by ambulance. He later died.

The office of the Allegheny County Medical Examiner is currently conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death in order to determine how he came to pass.
A call for emergency services was placed at 10:17 on a Sunday morning along the 2300 block of Ardmore Boulevard in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Allegheny County. The neighborhood is located in Allegheny County. Both law enforcement officers and emergency medical technicians have been dispatched to the scene.

During the incident, law enforcement from Allegheny County reported that Allen was yelling at people while also lifting his shirt up and displaying a firearm. In addition, they said that Allen displayed the firearm while also yelling at the people. They also stated that Allen was displaying the weapon while he was engaging in all of these activities.

Allen was located by two Forest Hills police officers on Yost Boulevard, which is not too far from Ardmore Manor Drive, which is where he had been hiding. They tried to talk to him, but instead of listening to them, he started shooting at the officers. They tried to talk to him. He started shooting at the officers. They were not successful in persuading him to put the gun down.

The two officers are said to have fired back at Allen, which resulted in him being struck by their bullets multiple times, as reported by the police. During the course of the event, it was reported that gunshots were heard, and it was also reported that one of the officers had been struck by gunfire in the crotch area. The officer did not sustain any kind of injury as a result of the incident.

The Forest Hills Police Department reached out to the Allegheny County Police Homicide Unit for assistance in their investigation. The request has been submitted. The investigation is still ongoing, and the office of the district attorney in Allegheny County will have access to all of the information that was gathered during the investigation in order to carry out a review of it. This will be done in order to determine whether or not criminal charges should be brought against anyone.