Malinda Shano Obituary, Death –¬†Since Thursday, patrons who are regulars at the Butt-Hedz Bar & Grill in Marrero have been seen approaching the business while wearing solemn expressions. As soon as they walk through the door, they are greeted with hugs from everyone there. The drinking establishment may be found at the crossroads of Fourth Street and Saddler Road. Everyone seems to be in a dreadful mood. We’re numb. “We feel devastated,” said Bill Hall, the owner of the bar, explaining how his guests were mourning the loss of his well-known, red-haired manager, Malinda “Mindy” Shano.

“We feel crushed,” said Bill Hall, the owner of the pub. “We feel heartbroken.” “Mindy” Shano was well-known for the flaming red color of her hair. Shano and three other motorcyclists were passing through Arkansas on Thursday evening on their way to a motorcycle rally in Oklahoma when they were struck and murdered by a car that was going the opposite way on the highway where they were traveling. In addition to those two, there were also four additional locals who sustained injuries.

Ivan Santos, age 29, is accused of driving his pickup truck on Interstate 40 in Arkansas when he allegedly jumped the grassy median and collided head-on with the motorbikes, causing the truck to explode and catch fire. This is according to the authorities in Arkansas. Santos was driving his pickup truck. Both witnesses and emergency officials that arrived on the scene of the incident on Interstate 40 close to Mulberry, Arkansas, characterized the scene as catastrophic. The incident took place close to the city.

Jeff Brown, who serves as the volunteer fire chief in Mulberry, was described by KFSM-TV as saying that the incident was “the most horrible accident I’ve ever seen.” Brown is a 24-year veteran of the fire department, during which time he served as a member. Shano was one of three people who passed away as a result of the tragedy. The other two were also cyclists from Slidell, and their names were Patricia “Irish” Lemar and Leonard “Cuban” Lemar. A fourth victim, who has not been identified at this time, has unfortunately passed away, according to the announcement made by the authorities.