Lucia Bernard Obituary, Death – Lucia Bernard has died. In the city of Portland, Oregon, on September 27th, 1935, he was brought into the world by his parents, Ralph Bernard and Helen Bernard. The Bernard children who came after him in age were James Bernard, Katherine Thibert, and William Bernard. He was the senior member of the quartet. Lucia graduated from Columbia Preparatory School in 1953, where she had attended previously. During his time at the University of Oregon, he was a member of the Ducks football team and played the position of fullback for the team. Margaret Bernard, Lucia Bernard Jr., Thomas Bernard, Michael Bernard, and Matthew Bernard were the couple’s five children: all born to them. The marriage between Lucia and Marguerite O’Neil took place in 1955, and the couple has remained together ever since.

After getting a little further along in life, Lucia tied the knot with Diane Bernard, and the two of them went on to have two more children together: Amy McClean and Mark Bernard. In 1981, he went to Seaside, Oregon, where he first met the woman who would later become his wife, Jeanne Bernard. Following their marriage, the couple welcomed three children into the world: Stephen Bernard, Angela Babb, and Scott Bernard. His uncle Walter Bernard was the one who first instilled in him a passion for the sport of hunting, and he has since passed that passion on to his own children. He looked forward to spending time with his family doing things like fishing and clamming whenever they went out together.

Bernard’s favorite sport was football, and when his kids were in high school, he was very involved in the teams they played on as a coach or a parent volunteer. Bernard has worked a number of different jobs over the course of his life; however, for the better part of three decades, he was employed in Seaside as a General Contractor in the field of residential construction. He had a large number of grandchildren as well as great-grandchildren, and he was very proud of all of them. He also had a lot of great-grandchildren. He took an extraordinary amount of pride in his family. There are a few people who carry on Lucia’s legacy, including Margaret Bernard, Lucia Bernard Jr., Matthew Bernard, Amy McClean, Mark Bernard, Stephen Bernard, Lucia Bernard, Angela Babb, and Scott Bernard.

Other members of the Bernard family include Lucia Bernard. Furthermore, he has 18 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren who will carry on his legacy after he is gone. His two sons, Thomas and Michael Bernard, as well as his parents, Ralph and Helen Bernard, and his wife, Jeanne Bernard, all died before he did. Lucia Bernard was the last surviving member of his family. The death of Lucia Bernard has occurred. It was easy to recognize him no matter where you went because he always wore a cowboy hat and frequented different coffee shops all over town. He was well-known in the area for being a colorful character, and he was easy to spot anywhere you went because of this. His family and the Seaside community in which they lived were both very important to him. Everyone is going to mourn his passing and miss him tremendously.