Louise Monger Obituary, Death – A lady who was found dead in Chicago from what seems to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound is the subject of an investigation by the Westmont police department, which is looking into the circumstances surrounding her death. The dead body of the woman was discovered in Westmont. The apartment that belonged to the woman was where the dead corpse of the woman was found. They arrived at the place at the aforementioned time, which was roughly 1:53 in the morning.  On November 6, law enforcement officials from Westmont were called to a home on the 200 block of Kacie Court in response to a complaint of a person who had been shot.

The victim was reported to be inside the residence. They were able to find the victim not long after they had arrived at the scene. It was reported to the authorities upon their arrival at the site that the person had been shot and was experiencing the consequences of the wound. When they arrived, fire personnel and police officials identified a person who had a gunshot wound to the chest. According to the police, this person was the victim. The victim was determined to be this specific individual by the police. Louise Monger, who was 40 years old at the time of her death, was identified as the victim after additional inquiry led to the discovery of her identity.

She was evacuated by ambulance to the Good Samaritan Hospital, but it was later confirmed by a certified medical professional that she had unexpectedly passed away shortly after getting at the hospital. Despite being transported there, she was pronounced dead upon arrival. The heartbreaking information about her passing has been conveyed to the members of her family who are still with us today. The MERIT Major Crimes Unit, the Forensic Investigations Unit, and the Digital Forensic Unit of the State’s Attorney’s Office in DuPage County are assisting with the investigation into this incident, which is still in its early stages. The forensic evidence unit and the digital evidence unit are responsible for investigating, respectively.