Lindsay Blackburn Obituary, Death –  Our good and committed friend Lindsay was struck by a vehicle late last evening (November 9), and sadly, she did not survive the accident. Tragically, she did not make it through the accident in which she and John were involved while riding their motorcycles; she did not survive the impact.

We are in absolute disbelief. It is presently IMPERATIVE that John John and her family discover a method to pay their existing bills in addition to the costs related with John John’s memorial ceremony and funeral. Please give whatever you are can to this family so that they can meet their needs. I am coordinating this fundraising effort on behalf of the family, and every single penny that is raised will be sent to the family without any sort of administrative overhead. Click to donate

Lindsay Blackburn’s life was cut off in a way that was both unexpected and heartbreaking. Because it was necessary for her to run some errands, we started our day by having lunch at Bluenami before she departed the restaurant to run her errands. Her excitement stemmed from the possibility of consuming sushi as well as the possibility of having some “girl time.” Due to the fact that she stated that she and John do everything together, and due to the fact that he is allergic to shellfish, she felt as though she was betraying him when she ate sushi on her own rather than sharing it with him.

This made us laugh since she had the impression that she was getting something for nothing. Our conversation was filled with a lot of fun. Her feelings for John and the rest of her family were sincere and consistent throughout her life. Her stories were outlandish, and they were almost as bizarre as Wendy’s in their own right. I will never forget the day that we took this picture with her, and I want her to know that I tried my best to be the sort of friend that she deserved. I will never forget the day that we took this picture with her. So long, Lindsay