Linda Wheeldon Obituary, Death – Linda Wheeldon, a professor at Acadia University has died. Linda Wheeldon was one of the professor who helped me acquire my degree in counseling from Acadia University. That institution is where I received my degree. After I had earned my degree and was looking for someone who could supervise the work I was doing toward my candidacy that was centered on complex PTSD, Linda stepped up to the plate and offered her excellent supervision for this part of my career. This happened after I had been looking for someone who could supervise my work for some time.

I continued to seek to her for supervision right up until very recently whenever I was confronted with extremely difficult challenges in my profession. Linda was always able to provide either the appropriate response or a novel perspective on the circumstance. She never failed to do so. She provided me with assistance in creating a number of letters that I needed for use in court as well as for use in other crucial circumstances. In addition to this, she would always make herself available to me in times of crisis, during which she would bring direction, clarity, and patience to the situation we were in.

There was no way that she would ever consent to receive payment from me, and there was no way that she would ever agree to do so. I didn’t want to take the time to find the right words to thank her, so I decided to convey it to her in a more tangible way by buying her presents. She was quite considerate toward other people.When I think of her, the thought of using that word to describe her is probably the very first thing that comes to my mind. She was very thoughtful and generous with her time, her knowledge, and her care for others. It was blatantly clear in every way. Her life had provided her with such a diverse array of experiences, which contributed to the enormous size of her heart. She was also exceptionally bright, talented, kind, loving, sensible, committed, and fun… It wouldn’t hurt to go on, would it?

You have also had the opportunity to experience what I have learned from Linda if you have been in treatment with me or have known me. If you have not known me, then you have not had the opportunity to gain from Linda what I have.She made a mark that will never be erased from anyone’s memory, and she was a person who was truly extraordinary and one of a kind. It is even more astonishing when you take into consideration the fact that there are, without a shadow of a doubt, a great many other people who could be found who say exactly the same things about her.

Throughout the course of her life, I have no doubt that she has been very kind and helpful to a large number of different people, and that includes me as one of those people. To have been bestowed with her time and presence in my life at this stage of my journey is something that I regard as a tremendous blessing and for which I am tremendously grateful. She has earned a tremendous amount of respect from me as a result of her actions. She was an intimidating adversary who wrung every last drop of pleasure out of life.