Linda Belcher Obituary, Death – On November 7, 2022, Linda Belcher, who was 74 years old and lived in West Unity, Ohio, passed away unexpectedly. Willis and Lillie (Short) Nofziger welcomed their daughter into the world on March 6, 1948. Linda is survived by her husband Mick Belcher, their children Erik (Angie) Belcher of Napoleon, Ohio, Kristin Parker of Glencoe, Illinois, and Brooke Belcher (Tammy Shain) of Evanston, Illinois; grandchildren Bryce and Blaine Belcher, Evan, Averie, and Aricka Lutz, Benjamin, William, and Lily Parker; brothers Keith (Marlene) Nofziger of Rotunda, Florida and Don (Anne) of Cincinnati, Ohio; sister Everyone cherished Linda.

Her kindness and generosity made everyone feel at home. She liked her kids and friends. The starving were reprimanded by her. She pushed everyone to continue educating themselves, cheered for her children’s athletic teams during their high school and college years, and typed science fair papers late into the night. Her offspring all earned doctorates in their own fields, including teaching, law, and medicine.

Linda was cherished by her eight grandchildren. She took great pleasure in going to all of their school functions, creating birthday and graduation cakes for them, locating whatever electronic device that they desired, and writing them love notes every day. Both her cooking and her hugs were excellent. She was responsible for organizing a Nofziger family gathering on an annual basis. Linda had a lot of fun in the classroom. She had a beneficial influence on a great number of children during her nearly thirty years of teaching in the Bryan City Schools.

Both old and new friends are in Linda’s life. She was able to strike up conversations with anyone in any setting, including churches, football games, and airplanes. Linda united friends. At her houses in Michigan and Florida, she enjoyed activities such as swimming, biking, and boating. It brings her great joy to assist her family.
Linda’s strengths included her belief in God and her marriage to Mick, which lasted for fifty-five years. At the age of nineteen, Mick and Linda tied the knot in Stryker, Ohio, in 1967.

They held an unending affection for one another. Their friendship was a gift from God. Everyone cherished Linda.
Gratitude and long-suffering. It doesn’t envy or brag. It does not seek its own advantage, is not readily angered, nor does it harbor grudges. Truth, and not evil, is what love reveres. It’s durable. Love lasts. 13:4-8a.
Visitation will be held at the United Methodist Church in West Unity, Ohio on December 2, 2022 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., and a celebration of life will take place at the same location on December 3, 2022 at 11:00 a.m., to be followed by fellowship.