Lianna Nazaryan Obituary, Death – On Thursday, the authorities in North Hollywood were able to identify the woman who had been killed in a car accident that had taken place earlier that day on a freeway connector route in North Hollywood. The accident had occurred earlier that day on a freeway in North Hollywood. The accident happened earlier in the week, while we were still in the middle of the work week. Accident occurred occured the day before as well as the day before that one.

At first, it was believed that the collision took place much later in the day than it actually did; however, this turned out to not be the case. The injuries she got in the collision ultimately led to her death, and she passed away as a result. The California Highway Patrol reports that the accident took place on Wednesday evening around 10 o’clock at the intersection where the eastbound Hollywood (170) Freeway meets the eastbound Ventura (134) Freeway. Both freeways are located in the city of Ventura.

Within the city limits of Ventura can be found both of the city’s freeways. This is the point at where the two highways join together to form a single route. Both roadways are currently going in the same direction at the same precise time. At this same moment, both of the roads are heading in the same direction at exactly the same time.
According to the findings of the office of the coroner for Los Angeles County, Lianna Nazaryan, who was 21 years old and originally from Glendale, California, was declared dead at the scene of the incident.

This conclusion was reached based on the findings of the office. The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office came to this conclusion after their investigation. [Further citation is required] These discoveries have been communicated to the authorities who are in charge of the investigation that is being carried out by the coroner’s office.

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