Liam Mattingly Obituary, Death – Tulsa, which is located in the state of Oklahoma in the United States, was the place where Liam Mattingly passed away. This city was also the location of his ultimate destination. Tulsa, Oklahoma served as the birthplace for the couple’s first child, which was delivered by Nikki Mattingly. He was the first child born to the couple. He was the first child that the couple had together after they began their relationship.

He wanted off and hung out with his mother and his sisters over the course of the weekend, and he had a good time doing both. He had a great time overall during that period of time. Everyone who had the opportunity to get to know and love Liam did so with a tremendous amount of affection and respect for him. Those who never had the chance to know and love Liam still feel this way. Those individuals who did not have the opportunity to get to know and love Liam continued to have these feelings. Those whom he loved experienced an increase in happiness as a result of his presence in their lives.

Liam’s great-grandparents are Jerry and Bertha Talley, Roy and Margaret Mattingly, Chester and Margaret Standridge, and Margaret and Chester Standridge. Margaret and Chester Standridge are also Liam’s great-great-grandparents. In addition to being Liam’s grandparents, Margaret and Chester Standridge are also Liam’s parents. They had already passed away before he did before he passed away himself.

He is survived by his mother, Nikki Mattingly, who resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma; his sisters Charlotte and Lyncoln, both of whom also reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma; his bonus sister, Lux, who resides in Durant, Oklahoma; his grandparents, Brian and Pam Mattingly, who also reside in Tulsa; his aunt Megan Hollingsworth and husband D.J. of Kiefer, Oklahoma; and his uncle Jacob Mattingly and wife Jessica of

Memorial Services are going to be held on Monday at 2:00 p.m. in the Serenity Funeral Service Chapel in Antlers, which is located within the geographical boundaries of the state of Oklahoma.