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Big brother I am going to miss you more than you know, I don’t have the words right now. One of my favorite memory’s watching you on the ball field and getting to play with you, I always looked up to you, I know you in heaven fishing or playing ball, I love you keep watching over us all Levi Ledford. ~ Kyle Ballew

Levi Ledford was one of the most genuine, kind, hilarious and hardworking men Ive known.
If anyone would like to help 2 young boys full of life that lost their father this morning, there is a fund that will go directly to his boys and his mama. Levi was working his tail off so excited to give his boys “a Christmas they deserved”.
The world is gona miss Levi. Im gona make right on every promise we made to eachother.
“How you doin? Better than I deserve”
I know, ive edited this post 100 times. I dont know what to say and nothing seems right. Ill probably edit it 100 more times. ~ Austin Lambright