┬áLeonard Maddox Obituary, Death – My entire being has been engulfed by a profound sense of bereavement ever since I found out that Chicago’s very own The Great Maestro Leonard Maddox had passed away. This news has been very difficult for me to process. My entire being is in utter disbelief. Everyone will experience loss in their own special way when he passes away. He was an important figure in the city’s musical history and had a significant impact on the development of the scene. He was also an influential figure in the city’s music scene. He was a well-known and respected individual. My aunt’s brother, Lavelle Lacy, considered him to be one of his closest and most reliable friends.

My uncle also thought highly of him. He was always there for him when he needed him. My aunt and uncle both held a very favorable opinion of him in their hearts. When he was in need of support, he knew he could depend on him to be there for him at all times. Since we were very little, my twin cousins and I have considered any of my uncle’s friends to be our very own personal uncles and aunts. This is a tradition that dates back to when we were very young. Due to the fact that they are close friends of my uncle, we have always regarded them as our own personal uncles and aunts. Because they are close friends of my uncle, we have always thought of them as our very own personal uncles and aunts.

This has been the case for as long as I can remember. Despite the fact that my uncle does not have any children of his own who were born to him biologically, this has consistently been the case throughout the course of their relationship. During our time spent visiting the wake for my uncle, who died away not so long ago, we shot this video. Leonard, who was under the impression that he ought to perform this song, enquired as to whether or not he could play this music while he sang it. He felt compelled to do so. We complied with his request, which led to the making of this film in the first place. Not only did he have a gift for music, but he was also a dear friend of the Lacy family.

He was a very talented musician. The Lacys held a great deal of reverence and admiration for him. His passing will be profoundly lamented by each and every person who, at some point in their lives, had the privilege of calling him a friend and will continue to do so in the future. During this difficult time, I want Josiah and the rest of the Maddox family to know that I am thinking about them and praying for them. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am aware that each and every one of them is probably having a tough time right now. During this difficult time, I would ask that you please accept my deepest condolences for the loss of a loved one.