Leon Fontaine Obituary, Death -Winnipeg churchgoers mourn the loss of a mentor. Springs Church pastor Leon Fontaine hosted illegal services during COVID-19.Family says Fontaine died Saturday. Nearing 59,
Eden Shimoda and her four siblings said their father died Nov. 19 at 5 p.m. Fontaine’s five adult children, all active Springs Church members, discuss the family’s shock.

Danielle Craig, Fontaine’s daughter, told the congregation he “got himself checked out” after learning about personal issues and not preaching for a month due to their parents’ vacation. Fontaine’s health deteriorated. Nobody talked about death or illness. Sunday church officials were silent. Live, drive-in, and online services. Sermons weren’t livestreamed.

Springs Church in southeast Winnipeg lowered its flag over the weekend.Sylvia Buller Isaak said Fontaine’s death stunned everyone. Religious. Winnipeg: “He loved his country” “The best is yet to come,” says Buller Isaak. Living Water Springs became Springs Church. The Fontaines opened three churches in 1994. Hartford Institute for Religion Research: 8,000 Canadians attend church.

Original campus has a church and coffee shop near Symington Yards. Fontaines had Winnipeg and Calgary Springs Churches. Springs Christian Academy enrolled 499 in 2021-22. Private school chastised for indoor pandemic convocation. Before March 2020, Fontaine was well-known in Christian circles, but his contentious views on public health precautions and repeated violations made him anti-restriction.

Fontaine’s convoy exploded in February. “Donations show you’re not alone if the last two years lacked common sense.” Springs Church paid $9,000 for an indoor 2021 graduation. Fontaine and his son received $6,296 for November 2020 drive-in. All charges were dropped for the graduation penalty. After other churches closed due to COVID-19, Hope Wiebe’s son and wife started attending Springs Church in 2021.

Wiebe became their chauffeur in September 2021 and enjoys the love and fellowship. “COVID grew the church” The family promised to continue Fontaine’s legacy. “We’re so grateful for what mom and dad built… and the best is yet to come,” said one of his four adult daughters. Dad will carry us.