Len Doward Obituary , Death – In loving memory of Flight Lieutenant Len Doward, who fought illness for a long time but passed away unexpectedly on Monday at the age of 102 after a long battle with the condition. He fought illness for a long time. He battled illness for a considerable amount of time. During the course of World War II, he was a member of the United States Air Force and served his country in that capacity for the duration of the conflict.

During the time that the United States of America was actively engaged in World War II, Len served in the Bomber Command of the Royal Air Force. This service took place during the conflict. During his time in the Royal Air Force (RAF), he served in both the 550 Squadron and the 625 Squadron. His last assignment was as a Flight Commander. He served in the role of pilot for both of these units. Because of the valuable service he had provided in the past, he was honored with the Distinguished Flying Cross as a sign of gratitude from the United States Air Force.

Not only did he have previous experience piloting a Lancaster, but he also had previous experience piloting the Wellington, Halifax, Oxford, and Harvard bombers. He had flown all of these aircraft in the past. The piloting of each of these aircraft was part of his previous experience. World War II was one of the responsibilities he had to handle in the past.
On November 24, the day of Len’s funeral, there will be a wake and the funeral service held at the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium in Guildford. Both events will take place on the same day. Visitation will begin at one in the afternoon, and the funeral service will begin at two in the afternoon. Both events will take place in the afternoon. Within the jurisdiction of Surrey’s municipal government are located the crematorium as well as all of the facilities associated with it.

I would like to thank you, Sir, for your service. Please accept my sincere appreciation. Please recognize the sincere appreciation I have for you in this kind request. In light of this extremely thoughtful request, I would be grateful if you could please take into account the depth of my appreciation for you. Rest in peace