Lee Jordan Obituary, Death – The guy who was found dead as a result of the homicide that took place on Grand Avenue on Tuesday evening has been recognized by the officers who were investigating the crime. According to a statement that was released by the Little Rock Police Department on Wednesday, Lee Jordan, who was 25 years old and was a resident of the city of Little Rock, was transported to a hospital after being shot at his apartment. The statement also stated that he was brought to the hospital. Lee Jordan later died from his injuries. In reaction to an incident that had taken place at the 4612 Grand Avenue site earlier that evening, police officers were sent over there soon before 10 o’clock that evening.

According to the complaint, another lady who lived at the address and was 29 years old told police that two people who appeared suspicious had gone up to the residence and want to speak to Jordan. These individuals wanted to talk to Jordan, the document said. According to what she indicated, the individuals wanted to have a conversation with Jordan. “She walked to the rear of the property and heard bullets being fired a short time later,” the woman is claimed to have informed the police after being questioned by them. The statement that was issued to the public indicates that this is the situation.

After it was determined that Jordan had been hurt by the authorities, those who had raced to the site to provide emergency medical care transported him to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center. According to Mark Edwards, a spokesman for the Little Rock Police Department, this homicide is the 74th one that has taken place in the city so far in 2018. In 2018, there have been 75 total homicides in the city. The investigation into the incident is something that we are currently conducting.