Lauren Allen Obituary, Death – A Lyft driver was reportedly killed when she was caught in the middle of a domestic dispute that was taking place between her passenger and a man. This dispute was taking place while the driver was transporting her passenger. Lauren Allen, age 31, was found dead inside her vehicle on the evening of Monday, when law enforcement personnel made the discovery. Lauren had been shot to death. The investigation has led the investigators to believe that she had just dropped off a passenger on Cedar Croft Court prior to the occurrence of the altercation between the passenger and the man before the incident took place.

Information obtained by Channel 2 Action News suggests that Allen Sawyer was the daughter of Joe Sawyer, a former councilman in Peachtree Corners. Joe Sawyer served in that capacity for many years.
Prior to Allen driving away, the suspect, Lerelle Chatman, 23, who has been identified by the police, allegedly fired multiple gunshots into the vehicle that Allen was driving before Allen drove away.

A witness who gave their account to Channel 2 Action News stated that they heard multiple gunshots at approximately 8:45 p.m. According to the testimony of one witness, she counted between ten and fifteen separate gunshots and saw someone fire shots from a moving vehicle. In addition to that, she stated that she saw the person who shot her.
Larry Spruill of Channel 2, who was reporting for WSB Tonight, was the first person to report on the scene. The intersection had only moments ago been sealed off by the police.

The police stated that they observed Chatman armed with a rifle, and that he subsequently opened fire on them after seeing them. Both the officers’ car and another vehicle that was parked at the gas station were struck by multiple bullets. The officers were not injured. Chatman was ultimately killed as a result of officers from the DeKalb police department opening fire on him. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is now in charge of conducting the investigation into Chatman’s passing after having previously held that responsibility.

The General Bureau of Investigation (GBI) has stated that it will conduct its own investigation prior to handing over the findings of the investigation, once the investigation has been completed, to the office of the district attorney.