Laura Allio Obituary Death – Laura Allio of Ohio has sadly and unexpectedly passed away. For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to write a post about a heartwarming, comforting, and inspiring visit Ray and I had with several incredibly genuine, brilliant, and humble people at the Pelotonia Headquarters and The James Cancer Hospital in Columbus. I can’t seem to stop myself from beginning a novel. Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia, and his wife, Amy Grace, established the “Alex Timm and Laura Ritter-Allio Fund” in January 2021. The fund supports cutting-edge cancer research projects in young adults and breast cancer research in young women.

Doug Ulman and Amy Grace are close friends with Alex Timm. Laura was introduced to Doug by Alex and was described as “not only a great friend to Alex, but an incredibly special person.” He learned about Laura’s cancer journey and how it inspired her family, friends, and other cancer patients. Ray and I were inspired to participate in Ride Weekend after meeting Doug Ulman, Steph Zimmerman, and Jill Londino at Pelotonia. It won’t be the first time someone rides for Laura.

At The James Cancer Hospital, we also met with Dr. Daniel Stover and Tanya Florez. Dr. Stover is using Pelotonia funds to conduct research on Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Knowing that Triple Negative research exists; hearing what a beast (my word) Triple Negative is for some women; having confirmed what I suspected (that no new treatment options for women with Triple Negative have been available for over 25 years)…yes, finally, maybe… Laura, whose cancer had resisted all treatments, now has more treatment options and hope.

Laura was a firm believer in experimental treatments. She was aware that she required novel cancer treatment. She was adamant about combining traditional, naturopathic, and holistic medicine, nutrition, exercise, and meditation… You get what I’m saying. They were all ecstatic that we had come to Pelotonia to meet with them, learn about Pelotonia, The James’ research, and share Laura with them. We were moved and inspired by their mission, vision, and accomplishments. They believe their research will lead to a cure for triple negative breast cancer.