Larry Light Obituary, Death -Larry Light, who had served as the treasurer of Section XI for a significant portion of the organization’s history, sadly passed away not too long ago. He had held this position for a significant amount of time throughout the course of the organization’s existence.

In addition to his roles as a teacher, administrator, and superintendent at Babylon Schools, he has also served as the treasurer of Section XI since the year 2001. This role complements his other responsibilities. A wide variety of tasks and responsibilities have fallen under his purview as part of this role, and he is accountable for all of them.

He has held both of these positions at the same time, which means he is responsible for all of the duties associated with his other roles as well. As part of the responsibilities that come with this position, he is responsible for offering advice and direction on a wide variety of issues relating to economic and monetary concerns. This responsibility is in addition to the fact that he is responsible for providing advice and direction. This course of action is what he has chosen to take.

When Section XI moved into its current headquarters in the building that had been previously owned by the Town of Brookhaven, the presence of light was a very welcome amenity. This building had previously been owned by the Town of Brookhaven. This structure was formerly owned by the Town of Brookhaven at one point in time. At one point in time, this building belonged to the Town of Brookhaven; however, it has since been sold. This building belonged to the Town of Brookhaven at one point in time; however, it has since been sold and is now in private ownership.

Because of the significant role that he played in Section XI and the fact that he has since left the organization, his absence will be felt across the entirety of the organization. This is because he was a member of Section XI, which explains why this is the case. The reason for this can be traced back to his recent departure from the group.