Larry Denney Obituary, Death – Larry Denney of Louisville, Kentucky has unexpectedly passed away. Larry¬† was a former member and Board of Directors at Visually Impaired Preschool Services. Harry’s influence on my life was significant enough to warrant the use of the phrase “life-changing.” My first encounter with Harry was at a food show in Charleston, West Virginia, in June 1995, when I was being interviewed for a job with his company. The ceremony was held at the Charleston Civic Center. After a month of working for Dennery Enterprises, I relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, to be closer to their headquarters. My starting annual salary was $18,000, and the company also gave me a company credit card, a company phone card, and a car allowance. Harry. I felt like I’d struck gold.

I stayed with Dennery for the next two years until I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime with US Foodservice. I was working there at the time. For several months in 2002, Harry and I reestablished contact, and around the same time, I returned to my previous position at Dennery Enterprises. I was present when Harry performed incredible feats with the company on two separate occasions; however, the instances when I witnessed him perform incredible feats with individual people left the greatest impression on me.

We have maintained our friendship over the years, and in November of 2019, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Harry. He was able to speak with my son again and pay another visit to my wife. I needed to spend time with Harry so he could see the woman who had evolved into the man I had become. When I published #peoplebuyfrompeople, I made sure to send Harry a signed copy, along with a personal note. When I occasionally texted Harry to express my gratitude for having him in my life, he would reply, “you made an old man cry today.” This was quite amusing to me.

I really wanted Harry to talk about his experience on “the intentional encourager podcast,” so I could hear him say it in his own words. That was an opportunity that I passed up. I can only hope Harry was aware of how I felt about him and how I felt toward him. Our only solace is the knowledge that he died peacefully. I can only hope that Harry is aware of the impact he has had not only on me, but also on the countless other people who are similar to me in many ways.