Larissa Hernandez Obituary, Death – I am in total and utter disbelief, and my heart is breaking. When you’ve lost someone as amazing as Larissa Hernandez, it’s difficult to find the words to express how you feel. Her grin was infectious, and she had the largest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. I am quite grateful that I had the opportunity to collaborate with her at Gadabout for more than two years during that time. Some of my best memories include walking into work and hearing her giggle, days spent baking next to each other while screaming out 90s R&B, spilling tea, and catching up on the drama of our lives.

To suggest that I would be unable to do my duties in her absence of her is a gross understatement, and I have a lot of debt to her. She was one of the most talented, hilarious, and hardworking badasses I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. After Gadabout, we were all so pleased to see her move on to greater and better things, and we could all see such a bright and successful future for her. We were all so proud of her. All of those who knew and loved her will be left with a profound sense of loss as a result of this shocking news.

Because of the limited length of time that we were together, I was able to witness the “spark” that Meg mentions. She would always have a quick response, a sense of humor, patience, and a willingness to help a newbie, even on her weekends off from Gadabout when she would take the time to answer my seemingly silly questions when I was new. For example, “Hey Larissa, Meg’s on vacation and I can’t find the semolina.” One of the most lovely souls in the world has passed away.