┬áLamonte Brown Obituary, Death – The Hartford Police Department reported that it responded to a fatal gunshot that occurred on Wednesday night at Main and Capen streets. The victim was identified by the police as Hartford resident Lamonte Brown, 46. They referred to it as the third killing in the capital city this week. They claimed that two individuals, a male and a female, approached the victim and got into a dispute with her around 2194 Main Street. The man shot the victim after pulling a gun. Around 8:30 p.m., a report of a male victim in need of medical assistance came in. Brown was discovered lifeless on a sidewalk.

The man, who was thought to be in his 40s, had multiple gunshot wounds. On the spot, he was declared dead. The incident, according to Lt. Aaron Boisvert of the Hartford Police Department, occurred close to city cameras that were checked. The murder was Hartford’s 36th of the year, surpassing the 34 murders from the previous year. It’s a quantity not seen since the 1990s. “It’s alarming. Naturally, there are a lot of them. Boisvert declared, “This is the biggest year I’ve ever seen. “We keep working hard. I just spoke with our intelligence unit. 322 illicit firearms have already been taken off the street. Detectives and the boys are both working. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen anything like this spike in violence.

Police are investigating what caused the argument, but they noted that it appeared as though everyone involved knew one another and that it was not a chance occurrence. This is something that keeps happening, according to Boisvert. These interpersonal conflicts and differences. Recently, it looks that picking up a gun and starting to shoot is the default option. The majority of the shootings that have occurred in Hartford this year weren’t random. They have discussed interpersonal conflicts. “The total is substantial. We hope there won’t be any more, said Mothers United Against Violence’s Deborah Davis.

“The marked police officer was there just seconds before the homicide,” the witness who watched the incident on tape said. Did it make him stop? did not halt him. That is a difficulty. That’s a really difficult dilemma to have, according to Hartford Police Department Lt. Aaron Boisvert. In Hartford, there have been 36 homicides so far this year. There is a pattern to the shootings. According to Boisvert, domestic disagreements have been the main cause of homicides this year. And those are the most challenging. They cannot be planned for. You are not permitted to be in a specific area. You cannot strive to act in that manner while thinking about the past wrongdoing. You just never know where it will appear, according to Boisvert.

Groups like Mothers United Against Violence are working hard to stop future disputes and guns from falling into the wrong hands while Hartford police are working around the clock to address the situation. And there is a very high level of gun access in our neighborhood. So, to help resolve and find a means to stop those guns from entering the neighborhood, that is what we are working on as a part of the bigger organization, said Davis. To help avert catastrophes in the future, according to Reverend Henry Brown, the community must come together. “I want the locals to understand the importance of reporting suspicious activity. Report it if you know that people who shouldn’t have guns do. Considering that, added Brown, “something like that may save a life.”

Illegal weapons have been utilized in the majority of these homicides. According to Hartford police, they have removed 322 illegal firearms from public areas so far this year.