Laci Gilileo Obituary, Death – The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office was able to positively identify one of the victims of a deadly shooting that took place at a Halloween party in Thonotosassa on November 1. The incident took place on November 1, and it resulted in the death of one of the partygoers. Following the receipt of authorization from the victim’s family, this was successfully completed.

The incident with the firearms took place on November 1st. The occasion was a party that was held on November 1st. One of the guests who had been invited had to cut their participation in the celebration tragically short as a direct result of the events that took place. A Halloween party was held on Harney Road at approximately 2:15 in the morning on Halloween, and Laci Mae Gilileo, who had recently turned 15 years old, was present there. The party was held on Halloween. Halloween was commemorated by the throwing of this party.

The inspiration for the idea that went into the planning of the theme for the party came from the celebration. Then, not too much longer after that had taken place, there was a shooting that took place not too much longer after that had taken place. The deputies found a young man who had been shot prior to their arrival on the scene, which they discovered after they had arrived at the scene. The deputies found the young man after they had arrived at the scene. After waiting for a while, they went to a Petrol Mart that was close by in the neighborhood to look for Gilileo, who they knew had also been shot. The Petrol Mart was located nearby in the neighborhood. They were aware that the shooting had taken place at the Petrol Mart in the previous sentence.

Both victims were taken to the hospital, where it was reported that the boy’s condition was stable. However, the condition of the other victim was not known at the time of the report. Gilileo’s wounds ended up being fatal, and she did not make a full recovery from them before she passed away. Before her death, she did not make a full recovery from her wounds.