Kunkletown Killer Obituary, Death – On Monday, the skeletal remains of an individual were found in Moore Township by two hunters who were out exploring the area. The discovery was made by the hunters. The skeletal remains belonged to a man who in 1990 in Catasauqua had been found guilty of two counts of murder and had been sentenced to prison as a result of those convictions. The murders had taken place in 1990. He was 65 years old at the time of his passing away when he passed away. Moore Township was identified as the location where the remains were discovered after an investigation.

William Edelman, who suffered from schizophrenia and lived by himself, was seen leaving his apartment for the last time on March 24. He had been living there alone. That was the very last time that anyone had contact with him. This was the point in Edelman’s life when he was no longer relegated to leading a solitary existence. Since that time, nobody has said they’ve seen him back at that location, according to the reports. Prior to Edelman’s disappearance, his family had informed the authorities that he had been considering ending his life by taking his own life and that he had been having thoughts about doing so.

After Edelman went missing, his family informed the appropriate authorities of the information they had gathered about him. On land that belonged to the state and had been set aside specifically for hunting, the hunters discovered the skeletal remains of the animal they had been looking for.

The Northampton County, Pennsylvania, coroner, Zachary Lysek, has issued a statement in which he claims that “The date of death is consistent with the time at which he went missing.” “Both the cause of death as well as the manner in which the person passed away are still the subject of active investigations at this point in time,” Lysek said. “The date of death is consistent with the time at which he went missing.”