Ku Nay Htoo Obituary, Death – The pedestrian who was struck and killed by a car on Tuesday evening has been identified by the Portland Police Bureau. The incident occurred on Southwest Capitol Highway. Southwest Capitol Highway was the location where the event took place. The action took place on Southwest Capitol Highway, which was the location of the venue. The Southwest Capitol Highway served as the setting for the events that transpired and was also the location of the venue.

According to the reports of the police officers who responded to the scene of the accident and investigated the collision, Ku Nay Htoo, who is 55 years old, was struck by a car as she was crossing Northeast 162nd Avenue near Northeast Fargo Street. This information was obtained from the police officers who investigated the collision scene. Those members of law enforcement who traveled to the location of the collision to investigate it. The vehicle was moving in a direction that was more toward the north when we last saw it, and its destination is unknown at this time.

The responding officers found that Htoo had passed away within a few minutes of seven o’clock, which was the time when it became appropriate to say goodnight for the day. The driver of the car remained at the scene of the accident after it occurred and made an attempt to render medical assistance to Htoo, as stated in the official report of the incident. The driver volunteered this information to the authorities when they asked for it.

The visibility is one of the aspects that is currently being investigated as a potential contributor to the accident that took place, and the investigation is still going on at this time and will continue until it is completed. At this very moment, nobody has been given a detention, and nobody has been issued a ticket for any infraction that may have taken place in the past.