Kristin Masterski Obituary, Death – Mrs. Kristin Masterski was hired by the Madison County School System in the beginning as a social worker. After a while, the school system decided to promote her to the position of principal for the Hazel Green family of schools. When the job opening for Mrs. Masterski was first posted, the department of social work was listed as the place where applicants should submit their resumes.

The devastating news of her passing has directly resulted in the complete shattering of our hearts, and as a direct consequence of this, we are completely overcome with grief. Hearing the terrible news about her passing has left us with completely shattered hearts as a direct result of hearing the news.

Mrs. Masterski was an extremely hard worker who, whenever the opportunity presented itself, went above and beyond the duties that were assigned to her in order to be of assistance to other people. Her work ethic was admirable. It was common knowledge that she routinely surpassed each and every expectation that was positioned in front of her.

When they learn that she has passed away, a sizeable number of people are going to be struck with an intense sense of bereavement. This was due to the fact that she had a genuine concern not only for her students but also for the families of her students. Both her students and the families of her students were able to benefit from her efforts because she demonstrated a genuine concern for both groups of people throughout the course of her work.

As a direct result of her passing, her loved ones, including her family and friends, have been taken from her, and we ask that you accept our heartfelt condolences during this time of mourning. Please accept our condolences. Her immediate family as well as her friends and neighbors make up her circle of loved ones. They are constantly in the back of our minds, and during the course of our worship services, we frequently pray for them while we are gathered together in the midst of the community that we have created here.