Kristen Wheeler Obituary, Death – Kristen Wheeler of Boston, Massachusetts has unexpectedly passed away. Her birthday is on April 18th, and she grew up in Westfield, which is located in the state of Massachusetts. She initially completed her secondary education at Westfield High School, where she was awarded her diploma in 2001. Subsequently, she attended Branford Hall Institute, where she was awarded a degree in billing and coding. She worked in a wide variety of establishments, performing duties such as cashier, waitress, retail clerk, and barista over the course of her career. Her experience spans the globe.

Kristin was overjoyed to have the chance to meet new people and cultivate new friendships. Those who knew her well were always able to pick up on her kind nature and helpful demeanor. They just couldn’t help themselves. One of her favorite places to be was outside in nature, and she looked forward to seeing her closest friends at yearly events such as the Gathering of the Vibes Festival and Phish concerts. All of those who knew and loved her will experience a profound sense of loss upon learning of her passing.

In the year 2018, her father, John Wheeler, who had resided in Westfield, passed away, leaving Kristin without a parent. She is survived by her daughter Jocelyn Scott, who resides in Feeding Hills; her mother, Frances Wheeler; her brother Jason Wheeler and sister-in-law Kerri; and her brother Brian Wheeler, all of whom reside in Westfield; all of these individuals are her surviving family members. Everyone one of these people had a lot of love for her.

George Terrell, Kristin’s fiance and the person with whom she shared a home in Springfield, is one of the people who will carry on after her. Both of them were in Springfield together at the same time. She was also a loving aunt, and both of her nephews, Evan Wheeler and Trevor Wheeler, will grieve her passing in a deep and meaningful way. In addition, she leaves behind a large number of loving relatives on both sides of her family, including aunts, uncles, and cousins.