Kristen Pickard Obituary, Death – Kristen Pickard of Fremont MI has unexpectedly passed away. Kristen was a very skilled and talented person who was also interested in a wide variety of things. In addition to working as a piano teacher, gardener, and seamstress, she was a teacher of special education for a number of years. She wore many hats in addition to those listed, and she made a positive contribution to the community by making use of her interests and abilities in various capacities. She was generous to a fault, and the mark she left on the world via the things she accomplished in life will be felt for a very long time after she has been forgotten.

She was always up for a good laugh and a hilarious antic, and she found humor in the absurdity of life. Kristen was always up for a good laugh and a funny antic. She was such a tremendous admirer of musicals, comedies, and movies in general that she would frequently sing along with the films she watched, even while she was at a live performance. The fact that she was able to become a grandma was one of the highlights of her life, according to her. She showered her two girls, Kamari and Frances, not just with worldly belongings but also with the highest quality of love at every minute she could find because she cherished them with all of her heart. She did this because she loved them with all of her heart.

She jokingly referred to her house as “Las Vegas for Babies” since it offered the young children everything they needed to live a life that was unrestricted and full of adventure. She was the most enthusiastic supporter of Kristen’s children, as well as the other members of her family and their friends, whenever they made progress toward their objectives. She participated in all of the events that she was able to, proofread a significant number of essays, and was the individual who yelled the most enthusiastically at the finish lines. Her children, Molly (Blaine Thompson) Pickard, Adam (Anjali Wilcox Pickard), and Mara (Matt Kelly) Clark, as well as her grandchildren, Kamari Pickard and Frances Thompson, as well as her siblings, Douglas (Mary) Weber and Tom Weber, Debbie (Cary) Pierce and Jeff (Alta) Foster, and a large number of nieces, nephews, extended family members, and friends, will carry the memories of Kristen with