Kevin Walker Obituary, Death – Kevin Leslie Walker, who had spent the majority of his 62 years in Oakville, Ontario, passed away on February 10, 2022. He had resided there for the majority of his life. He had 62 years under his belt. We are forced to tell you the tragic news that he has died away, and it is with a sad heart that we do so. After learning of his departure, we were left with heavy hearts, and we are now passing that pain on to you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you could spare a few minutes out of your day to leave a message of condolence on the online memorial page that has been created in honor of Kevin Leslie Walker, it would be greatly appreciated. The page has been set up in memory of Kevin Leslie Walker. Thank you so much for taking the time to accomplish this because it will serve as the great finishing touch to your respectful presentation.

Everyone who knew and cared about him, including his wife Jo-Anne, his children Nicholas (and his wife Kayla), Phillip, and Joey (and their wives Jade), his grandchildren Kataleya, Dallas, Anthony, and Weston, his brother Rick (and his wife Trish), and his parents Elizabeth and Leslie, all loved and cherished him tremendously. Nicholas was married to Kayla. Phillip and Joey were married to Jade.

Joey was married to Jode. Joey was married to Jode Kayla and Nicholas were married for a while. Jade was married to both Phillip and Joey at the same time. Jode and Joey were married for a while. Jode and Joey were married for a while. The year 2002 was the year of his passing away. (Dick). Everyone in his extended family, including his nieces and nephews, extended relatives, friends, and members of the community, held him in the highest esteem conceivable. This included people of the community as well. This comprised each and every member of his immediate family as well.