Kevin Chitwood Obituary, Death – Kevin Chitwood of Louisville KY, passed away on Tuesday. On May 29, 1958, he was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to his late mother Dolores Chitwood, who also passed away, and his late father Robert Chitwood. Both of his parents have since passed away. Kevin was adored by his family, which consisted of his wife Joan, to whom he had been married for 35 years, his sons Ian Chitwood and Dylan Chitwood , and his brother Keith Chitwood . Joan was his wife for the past 35 years. In addition, Kevin has a great number of nieces, nephews, and in-laws who have always appreciated him and continue to do so today.

The Tyler School of Art at Temple University awarded both Kevin’s Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Philadelphia College of Art (The University of the Arts) and his Master of Fine Arts degree. Kevin’s abilities were put to good use early on in his career when he worked as the Art Director for a number of journals. Later on in his life, he was able to put those same abilities to use when he taught students at a number of different institutions and universities. In addition to this, Kevin enjoyed imparting his expertise in digital design upon other industry specialists. He is both an artist and a designer, and he has made contributions to a number of publications, the vast majority of which are written for young readers.

Kevin was a gifted artist who remained committed to his trade throughout his life. He filled several sketchbooks and produced amazing works of art, demonstrating that he was always working on improving his skills. The things that mattered most to him in life were being able to express himself creatively, cultivating a spiritual life, and spending time with his family, especially his dog Ana. All of the people who knew and loved Kevin look up to him as an example of how to live a funny, brilliant, and spiritually curious life since he was such an inspiration to them all. He was a teacher to a great number of individuals and he taught a great number of others.